Darnum Park British White cattle stud was established in 2004 and has grown rather quickly into a herd of around 200 animals.

I place a high value on cattle temperament. Working with the animals on a daily basis, there is no toleration for poor tempered animals.

When asked why British white cattle? My answer is why not. They have  traits that I was after, great temperament, poll, good milking ability, black pigment around the eyes, hooves, teats, ease of calving and very pleasing to the eye. They also have many other good traits that come with them, mothering ability, longevity and cross breeding success.  Breeding British whites has grown into a passion over the years.

I run a commercial  herd of seventy breeders of mixed breeding females and cross British white cattle over them. The steers are sold after ten months as stores or vealers. The heifers are kept as future breeders. I also run a stud herd of around fifty pure breed breeding females.

Extensive artificial breeding programs have been in place for years, using North American, UK and Australian sires. Also embryo transfer programs have helped to rapidly advance the numbers of purebred cattle.

I am located at Darnum, in West Gippsland Victoria. Temperatures get very cold in winter and summer temperatures can get in the forties.The cattle adapt to the conditions extremely well. I welcome visitors to inspect and talk about the cattle. I am involved in Beef week and Farm World to promote the attributes of the breed. Showing cattle at the Royal Melbourne Show has also been part of my promotion.

I trust you enjoy the website, please ask any questions you have, I am more than happy to answer them.

Yours in British Whites
Rod Cameron


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